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Our NYC city news portal was launched 20 years ago by a team of NYT reporters. Since then our online city digest grew to become much bigger. Now we’re a direct competitor with the ABCNewYork and NBCNewYork local news outlets. We employ a total of 100 staff and freelance writers, editors and photography reporters.
Since day 1 our founder, former NYT senior editor Jonathan Lazenby, works hard. He inspires our team to make news insights sharper and our NYC coverage touch all 5 boroughs of the city. With such a task at hand we’re doing pretty good.  It’s quite hard actually to cover all the latest and breaking news for such a huge and complex city as New York is. So we’re satisfied with the daily journalist job we all do at the BitNews!



Jonathan Lazenby

Jonathan is our Editor in Chief and effectively serves as an engine that makes our team go and grow!


Max Neffie
Senior Editor

Max is a Senior Editor with previous experience at NYT and Bloomberg News. His vivid articles cover most diverse NYC life topics.


Eric Brooks

Eric is the best breaking news anchor we have. If there is something important happening in the city, be sure he will cover it!


Walter Mondale

Walter does all the local city politics entries. Being a third cousin to both Andrew Cuomo (NY Governor) and the Mayor de Blasio certainly helps him get some insights.

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